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How long will it take for me to receive my order?

Please allow up to 3 days for processing and packaging your order. Once it ships you will receive an email with a tracking number for either USPS First Class Mail (2-5 days for delivery) or USPS Priority Mail (1-3 days for delivery).

Do you accept international orders?

Sorry, we don't accept international orders at this time.

Do your products expire?

Yes, our products are all natural and do not contain preservatives. I recommend using all sugar scrubs within one month and body butters and creams within 2-4 months. You can extend the shelf life by keeping the products in the fridge or freezer. Since these products are natural, and some contain edible ingredients (ex: sugar), it is best to stop use immediately if you notice the smell has changed over time or if any irritation occurs.

Are your products vegan/natural?

All of the ingredients I use are natural and/or organic and I make everything in small batches myself. I don't use any chemicals, and any synthetic fragrances oils, pigments, or mica powders that I use are cosmetic grade and safe for use on skin. At the moment, we have not incorporated honey or beeswax into our products, but may in the future. We will never use dyes or pigments that are derived from animals or insects, lanolin, or other non-vegan ingredients that are produced as a result of the harm or detriment to any animal. Most importantly, we don't test on animals.

I've heard that shea butter and certain oils contain natural SPF? Can I use your body butter in place of sunscreen?

You can mix shea butter with your sunscreen, or use sunscreen on top of or underneath it, but no, shea butter alone will not protect you from UVA/UVB rays and sunburn. I'm just here to help you moisturize your skin, so please protect yourselves :)


Always use sunscreen. Even on cloudy days!

Do you have an Instagram account?

Sure do! Follow @shop.ogechis. I have giveaways and post pictures of upcoming products and sometimes ask for feedback on items and products I'm curating and working on. Go ahead and follow us!

How can I reach you if I have a question?

Email us at and I'll do my best to respond within 24-48 hours.

Do you work with beauty and skin care bloggers?

I do! But unfortunately, at this time we are not accepting new members to the PR Team. Follow us on Instagram (@shop.oges) for updates!